The Male Idiote

A self growth play workshop for men. An exploration into masculinity, vulnerability and the idiocy of society within us.

The idiot! One thing to clear up here. We use this word in the warmest and most beauteous sense. We are aware this word has a negative connotation in our society. This is why we have trained all our lives to hide what could be called our idiot. It’s through this ‘Beautiful idiot’ and it’s connection through clown work, which we have found a truth of humanity that lies within. Our failure, our uniqueness, our sparkling eyes, our brilliance, our imperfection. What makes us, us. A fascinating idiot who feels a lot and understands little. How can we embrace our idiot? inviting his failure lightly and for him to take a vital part in our daily lives.

The Male! We (Men) have grown into who we are today within a patriarchal society that supported us to dislocate from our idiots, our emotions and vulnerability. Boys don’t cry, we are not weak, we should feel little and understand everything. This puts our idiots into a place of shame. Masking a vital part that connects us to ourselves, each other and life.

We carry a collective wound from this and we wish to create a playful space to explore and play what is within each one of us.

We will use Gestalt therapy and Clown work to explore these themes. We will play, move, share and express. We will question, reflect, grief and laugh. We will stand together and tackle these themes with playful seriousness and enjoy the ridiculousness they bring. We will have compassion for our wounds and we will step towards them with connection and idiocy.

The workshop will be held in English, a comfortable understanding is required. We understand and speak German as well if needed.


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    Your facilitators:

    • Thilo Nonne & Richard Kimberley


    • A Weekend in Spring 2024
    • Fri 15:00-20:00
    • Sat 10:00-17:30
    • Sun 10:00-17:30


    • Near Wien


    • 200-330 Euros (Sliding scale)